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Demandbase: real-time Identification solution

project summary

More than ever, marketers are using the corporate website as the primary channel for generating leads for sales. The use of website forms in front of "lead bait" is a common tactic to capture prospect information―but asking a prospect for too much information, too early in the buying cycle, can lead to form abandonment. Yet, without any firmographic (company name, office location, annual revenue, number of employees, etc.) traffic information, it's virtually impossible for marketers to route, score, or nurture these prospects. Balancing quantity and quality has been a challenge, but now there is a solution: the Demand Real-Time Identification Service from Demandbase.

When you integrate the Demand Real-Time ID Service with your website, you can capture and utilize the business identities of your website visitors as they engage with you to improve the effectiveness of every interaction. Without having to ask visitors to enter any data, you are able to capture firmographic insight about them, and pass this information on to sales and properly route, score, and nurture leads based on their company profile. Shorter forms also attract more responses, so you'll likely increase conversions.

The Demand Real-Time ID Service from Demandbase is built on its cloud-based Business Resolution Platform, a proprietary database that matches more than 800 million IP addresses to companies, without using cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and delivers that information in real time. The platform leverages patented cleansing and correlation methodologies that combine a broad network of structured data providers along with crowd-sourced data and explicit feedback loops from hundreds of millions of web visits from over 2,000 B2B web sites.

As a certified partner of Demandbase, DemandGen International has designed a solution that enables marketing teams to leverage the Demandbase web services API to capture this additional information and append it to the database as forms are being submitted.

solution overview

To make integration of the Demand Real-Time ID Service a turnkey experience, DemandGen has developed a concierge service offering that enables quick and easy implementation of the API on your website and forms.

This service offering includes:

  • Providing the necessary scripts to deploy Demandbase Real-Time ID Service on your website
  • Helping you to determine which Demandbase-inferred fields to include as part of your form submissions (such as company name, location data, annual revenue, industry, SIC, number of employees, etc.)
  • Creating the corresponding new fields within your marketing automation system for storing and processing
  • Creating new data appending rules and field mappings so data is stored properly on form capture
  • Creating form submission code and hidden inferred fields on one landing page/form
  • Determining which landing pages and forms should include the Demandbase API and custom fields
  • Creating custom views and reports to summarize and analyze the inferred data
  • CRM Enhancements
  • Updating your CRM to include the new inferred fields required to store the information
  • Updating the CRM integration with your marketing automation system to receive the inferred form information
  • Full Q/A testing to ensure proper configuration and deployment

If you are interested in getting more information or would like to initiate this project, please contact DemandGen at or by calling 925-984-2103.

about demandbase

Demandbase is a technology company that enables B2B marketers to improve marketing conversions and turn Web traffic into sales. Delivered on demand, Demandbase's SaaS solutions leverage its proprietary Business Resolution Platform, combining real-time identification of the companies visiting a web site with a new breed of B2B Web analytics, measurement, and integration tools to make every customer or prospect interaction more effective, and significantly increase conversion rates. Demandbase works as a standalone service or integrated with other Sales and Marketing technologies to give them new intelligence, enabling companies to align marketing and sales strategies and improve overall campaign performance. Founded in 2006 and in use at more than 1,000 companies, Demandbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and funded by Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE), Altos Ventures and Sigma Partners.

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